Looking for a turnkey volume solution?

Vū Panels turnkey solutions come with everything you need to build your own LED volume.

Vū LED Panels

Vū LED Panels are offered in a 2.9 pixel pitch for a minimum viewing distance of 11 ft, or 3.9 for a minimum viewing distance of 15 ft, as shown. All panels are long-format for both straight or curved configurations. Panels are optimized for virtual production and easy to assemble and maintain.

Product Specs

Vū Translucent Ceiling Panels

Introducing the first-ever in-panel tracking solution for LED volumes. Vū translucent ceiling panels feature a newly engineered pixel suspension system that allows light and theatrical effects to pass directly through the back of the panels. Mo-Sys StarTracker Tracking Stars seamlessly integrate into the panels to provide in-panel camera tracking. Each panel is less than half of the weight of normal LED panels and utilizes Ultra Bright 4500 NIT LEDs.

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